The Impact of Father Absence on Daughter Sexual Development and Behaviors: Implications for Professional Counselors.

Journal Name
Family Journal
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La Guardia, Amanda C.
Nelson, Judith A.
Lertora, Ian M.
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Journal Article
Our study investigated the relationship among daughters from father-absent homes, daughters' age of menarche, and daughters' first sexual intercourse. This study was conducted as a paper-and-pencil survey with a total of 12 questions answered by 342 undergraduate female students. Results indicated that females from father-absent homes reported experiencing menarche significantly earlier than females from father-present homes; significant correlations at the p < .001 level were found between first reported menarche and first reported consensual intercourse. There was a significant group difference found between father-present and father-absent homes in terms of the age at which participants reported the first onset of their menarche. As there was a significant correlation between onset of menarche and age of first intercourse, it could be surmised that pubertal timing could serve as a mediating factor between father absence and initial engagement in sexual activity. (Author abstract)

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