How Involved is Involved Fathering? : An Exploration of the Contemporary Culture of Fatherhood.

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Gender & Society
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Wall, Glenda.
Arnold, Stephanie.
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Journal Article
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While popular cultural representations portray the "new father" of the past two decades as more involved, more nurturing, and capable of coparenting, many argue that actual fathering conduct has not kept pace. Others, however, question the extent to which the culture of fatherhood does indeed support involved fathering and, if so, what this involvement entails. This study aims to contribute to the exploration of the culture of fatherhood through an analysis of a yearlong Canadian newspaper series dedicated to family issues. Findings suggest that through representations of parental guilt, parental responsibility, work-family balance issues, and hegemonic masculinity, mothers continue to be positioned as primary parents. Support for father involvement, to the extent that it exists, occurs within the framework of fathers as part-time, secondary parents whose relationship with children remains less important than mothers'. (Author abstract)

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