How to Be a Great Divorced Dad.

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Baker, Simon.
Einstein, Alley.
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It is pretty unlikely that you can see anything positive about the unhappy state you are in. But there is actually one very positive aspect to the situation.

You and your children are on a new adventure together. Properly handled, it will change your relationships to become more positively bonded at a deeper level. In divorce you can have an even better relationship with your children than the one you had in your marriage. This is a fact that's well worth remembering and pursuing.

No, it's not going to be easy in the early stages, but it will get better. Written by a divorced dad for divorced dads, this book reveals there will be things that you must learn to handle, like situations that you used to leave to your ex. But this is a phase of your life that you will put behind you. And the more you focus on putting the children first and committing to a business-like approach with your ex, the quicker this will happen. (Author abstract)

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