A Home-Based, Family Systems Approach to the Treatment of African-American Teenage Parents and Their Families.

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Zero to Three
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Tatum, J.
Moseley, S.
Boyd-Franklin, N.
Herzog, E. P.
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Journal Article
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The CARRI Program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey's Community Mental Health Center in Piscataway developed a home-based family therapy program for adolescent parents that included their extended families. Participation of extended families is important especially for cultural groups such as African-Americans, who have strong intergenerational bonds. This article provides an overview of cultural and systemic issues in African American families and their experience with teen pregnancy. Multigenerational incidence of teen pregnancy and single parenthood, intergenerational role conflict regarding parenting, disruptions in development of both the adolescent and other family members, and the absence of fathers are discussed. A case study illustrates the CARRI home-based family treatment model. 28 references and 1 figure.

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