HIPPY USA Summary of Selected Research Findings.

This brief provides a summary of research findings on the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program, a parent involvement, school readiness program that helps low literacy parents prepare their three- to five-year-old children for success in school and life. HIPPY programs provide a 30-week direct instruction program to at-risk parents focusing on language development, problem solving, perceptual discrimination, and other pre-academic skills. It is free to parents and delivered by home visitors who live in the same high need neighborhoods as the families they serve. Information about the characteristics of the program is provided, and research findings are reported in three key areas: effects on children, parents, and home visitors. In addition, two research points are included that address the current fiscal and policy trends of cost efficiency and universal preschool. Findings indicate child participants have outscored their peers on reading, math, and language arts, had higher classroom grades, were less likely to have been suspended, and scored higher on standardized tests of cognitive skills. Parent participants read to their children more often, were more involved in their children's education, and had improved communication with their children and with teachers. The brief concludes by pointing out HIPPY returns $1.80 to society for every $1 invested. 29 references.

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