Heterosexual Men and Parenthood Decision Making in South Africa: Attending to the Invisible Norm.

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Journal of Family Issues
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Morison, Tracy.
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Journal Article
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This article reports on a qualitative study about male involvement in parenthood decision making (i.e., decisions related to becoming a first-time parent) in which the focus was on White, heterosexual men. Little is known about the roles and involvement of these men in decision-making processes. They comprise an invisible norm in research as heteronormative assumptions about parenthood cause them to be overlooked. This oversight-exacerbated by the pervasive problem perspective in social science-forms the research rationale. Conducted within a gender-relational framework, the study included 23 heterosexual, White South African women and men with a view to exploring how gender constructions influence this process and affect the gender power relations. Interviews with participants were analyzed using a narrative-discursive method and the findings show how an assumption of childbearing shaped the data and may have implications for female?male power relations in reproductive partnerships. (Author abstract)

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