Hello, we're changing the labels on absent fathers : reducing poverty through father engagement initiative findings

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Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina.
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This report describes the activities and outcomes of the Fatherhood Initiative in South Carolina. The initiative funded ten fatherhood programs in twelve sites across the State. The report discusses the characteristics of the participants, barriers that are faced by fathers, components of the fatherhood programs, and the success of the programs. Findings from the initiative indicate 60% of the 2,437 men who entered the program were unemployed, and 55% did not have a high school degree. As a result of being in the program, 408 obtained employment, 214 improved their earnings, 597 received job training, and 609 continue to look for work. The initiative found 79% of the fathers had children under age 18 not living with them, 64% had child support orders upon entering the program, and only 20% had visitation orders. Of men with child support orders, 72% were unemployed upon entering the program. As a result of being in the program, 123 fathers established child support and 109 men had their child support modified. Strengthening and developing healthy family relationships also occurred for the fathers in the program, with 626 having initial or first reconnecting contacts with their children, 196 improved relationships with their children's mother, and 261 men initially unable to visit their children now visit them without legal intervention. A case study of a father who participated in a fatherhood program is presented.

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