A Guide to Facilitating Employment for Persons Who Are Ex-offenders.

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Katuin, C. H., et al.
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The Supported Employment Consultation and Training Center of Aspire Indiana Behavioral Health System
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In a nation that imprisons more of its citizens than any other, Indiana ranks near the top. In terms of the increase in the percentage of the population that's behind bars, Indiana rose to number four in 2008 and is expected to be second only to Alabama for 2009. The “Iron Law of Corrections” dictates ever increasing numbers of Hoosiers will be released each year from confinement.

The Department of Correction’s longitudinal studies reveal that employment post-release at sustainable wages is the number one predictor of recidivism. Released individuals face several barriers that negatively impact employment prospects. This publication reviews those barriers as well as those associated with criminal activity and/or conviction in an effort to facilitate employment.

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