Going It Alone and Adrift: The Socioeconomic Profile and Parental Involvement of Single-Father and Single-Mother Families in Post-Industrial Taiwan.

Journal Name
Journal of Population Research
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Cheng, Yen-hsin.
Wu, Fen-chieh.
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Journal Article
In spite of the rising prevalence of marital dissolution in Asia over the past decades, little is known about single-parent families in Asia. The present study aims to contribute to the literature by investigating the changing socioeconomic characteristics and parental involvement (measured by parent-child activities and parental awareness of children) of single-father and single-mother families in Taiwan around the millennium. Using a nationally representative sample of 641 single fathers and 730 single mothers from the Taiwan Social Trend Survey collected in 1998, 2002 and 2006, this study found that the apparent socioeconomic advantage of single-father families over single-mother families has weakened. Parent-child activities and parental awareness are lower for single fathers than for single mothers and married fathers. The association between higher parental education and more parent-child activities and parental awareness is more pronounced among single fathers than among single mothers. The presence of co-residential grandparents is associated with lower parent-child activities with pre-teen children among single mothers. The results warrant greater attention to the wellbeing and development of adults and children from low SES single-father families in post-industrial Taiwan. (Author abstract)

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