Fired Up and Ready to Go! Fathers Leading Positive Community Change

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Barbara Spoor, Family Assistance Program Specialist, Office of Family Assistance, Washington, D.C.
Summit Session Presenter(s)
Guy Bowling, Director, Goodwill Easter Seals FATHER Project, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Michael Russell, FATHER Project Graduate, Goodwill/Easter Seals, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Damian Winfield, FATHER Project Graduate, Goodwill/Easter Seals, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Guy. Winfield
Damian. Russell
Author (Organization)
Goodwill Easter Seals FATHER Project. Goodwill Easter Seals. Goodwill Easter Seals.
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Fatherhood Summit Session
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“Think big, act practically, and let your light shine” are key tenets of the Citizen Father Project, a program promoting leadership among fathers in the Minneapolis area. Developed through a partnership between a university and a fatherhood program, the Citizen Father Project forges relationships between fathers and professionals to build healthy families and communities. The project’s goal is to create community social change by addressing the problem of fathers not being positively involved in the lives of their children. Leaders draw upon parental resilience and collaborative social connections to bring about positive change.

This session featured video clips about the creation, philosophy, and work of the Citizen Father Project. Also, a panel of citizen fathers described how the project has provided them opportunities to develop as leaders and apply lessons they have learned to influence their broader community. Participants discussed this approach as a model for developing the leadership potential of highachieving fathers in other communities.

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