Fathers' Motivation for Involvement with Their Children : A Self-Determination Theory Perspective.

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Bouchard, Geneviève.
Lee, Catherine M.
Asgary, Veronica.
Pelletier, Luc.
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Journal Article
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The degree to which fathers' motivation for involvement with their preschool children was intrinsic versus extrinsic was examined in a sample of 205 French-speaking fathers. Links between fathers' motivation and fathers' perceptions of support from partners, fathers' sense of competence in parenting, fathers' involvement in parenting, and fathers' satisfaction in their performance of the parental role were investigated. Structural equation modeling revealed a father's perceptions that his partner has confidence in his parenting ability were related to both feelings of competence in parenting and to his motivation, which in turn was related to his involvement and to his satisfaction in his performance of the parental role. (Author abstract).

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