Fathers and Their Families : The Untapped Resource for Children Involved in the Child Welfare System.

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Child protection leader
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Merkel-Holguin, Lisa.
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American Humane
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Journal Article
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Recent statistics reveal that children living apart from their fathers are at an increased risk of suffering negative outcomes. One study found that the rate of child abuse in single-parent families is nearly twice the rate of child abuse in two-parent households (Federal Interagency Forum, 1997). Another study, after controlling for various variables, revealed that boys who grew up outside of intact marriages were, on average, more than twice as likely as other boysto end up in jail (Harper and McLanahan, 1998).These findings have sparked increased interest in the critical role of fathers in their children's development. This interest is evidenced in societal expectations, foundation-supported and community driven fatherhood programs, and, at a federal level, the enhanced Fatherhood Initiative. (Author abstract)

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