Fathers' and Mothers' Reports of Involvement in Caring for Infants in Kadazan Families in Sabah, Malaysia.

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Hossain, Ziarat.
Roopnarine, Jaipaul L.
Ismail, Rosnah.
Hashmi, Shazia Iqbal.
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Journal Article
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To further examine culture-specific patterns of paternal involvement in childcare, assessments were made of fathers' and mothers' perceptions of their involvement in caring for and stimulating infants in 41 urban Kadazan families in Sabah, Malaysia. Mothers exceeded fathers in the amount of time they spent in cleaning, feeding, and playing with infants and in their levels of engagement in direct care of infants. With the exception of feeding and singing, fathers and mothers reported engaging in similar amounts of care and stimulation of infant boys and girls. The results are discussed in the context of cultural beliefs about gender role differentiation in early childcare in Kadazan families in a rapidly changing Malaysian society. (Author abstract).

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