Fathering to Ensure Child's Success: What Urban Indian Fathers Do?

Journal Name
Journal of Family Issues
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Sriram, Rajalakshmi.
Sandhu, Gurprit Kaur.
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Journal Article
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In a globalizing urban India, middle-class parents are extremely anxious about their child's success and future in a competitive world. In this context, the present article attempts to capture middle-class educated Indian fathers' thoughts, feelings, and contributions in ensuring children's success, through primary research conducted in the city of Baroda in western India using qualitative and quantitative methods. Descriptive data and fathers' voices highlight their notions of achievement, the nature and extent of their involvement in different areas of their children's lives, namely, providing, guiding and mentoring, practical and emotional support, communication, education, and extracurricular activities. Fathers' vision of a successful child, nature of involvement and their reasoning are in consonance with their desire for involvement in promoting the child's cognitive and social competence, and passing on sanskar, a unique aspect of Hindu culture. (Author abstract)

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