Fathering the Children of Teenage Mothers: The Need for Procreative Consciousness and Responsibility.

Journal Name
Families in Society
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Dudley, James R.
Herring, Melvin H.
Cradle, Keith.
Pace, Melanie Rose.
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Journal Article
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Teenage birthrates remain higher in the United States than any other developed country. While there is broad consensus that teenage pregnancy is a major societal problem, the fathers of these children usually receive little attention. The purpose of this study is to provide understanding about the procreative consciousness and responsibility of 14 young fathers. The findings indicate that they have not learned much, if anything, about sex from their parents or schools. Their sexual activities seem to reveal little concern about preventing unwanted pregnancy. Yet, the reality of new offspring in their lives seems to awaken some deeper parental instincts and more conscientiousness about the connections among sex, pregnancy, and parental responsibility. Numerous suggestions are offered to help young fathers. (Author abstract)

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