The Fatherhood Movement: A Call to Action.

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Horn, W. F. (Editor)
Blankenhorn, D. (Editor)
Pearlstein, M. B. (Editor)
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The mission of the Fatherhood Movement is to reestablish the relationships between fathers and their children that are necessary for a strong society. This book examines the reasons why contemporary fathers are not involved in family life from the historical, social, economic, and spiritual perspectives. Written by experts from a wide range of disciplines, the chapters recommend actions that can be taken by individuals, organizations, and government agencies to engage fathers and support their families. Topics include the development of the Fatherhood Movement, the importance of fathers, the benefits of marriage, family structure, fathering after divorce, and social influences on father-child relationships. Suggestions include tax relief to families with dependent children, the promotion of the Internet as a resource for fathering information and social services, school communications directed to both parents, support for fatherhood in school curricula, and incentives for teenage parents who stay married. Numerous notes, 3 figures.

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