The Fatherhood Movement: A Call to Action.

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Horn, Wade F.
Blankenhorn, David.
Pearlstein, Mitchell B.
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The fatherhood movement has established itself as an innovative and effective response to the most daunting crisis facing American families. Written by the movement's founders, The Fatherhood Movement illustrates methods for reconnecting men with their children and restoring the fragile bonds that hold our society together. It provides valuable insights into the historical, social, economic, and spiritual dimensions of the "disappearance" of fathers from society. Reflecting the complex nature of this problem, the contributors include activists, politicians, public intellectuals, and academics from a broad range of disciplines. They not only identify the root causes of the widespread withdrawal of fathers from family life, but also offer specific remedies on the individual, local, and national levels. This book is a timely and important contribution to a topic of growing concern to all Americans. (Author abstract)

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