Father involvement in immigrant and ethnically diverse families from the prenatal period to the second year: Prediction and mediating mechanisms.

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Sex Roles
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Tamis-LeMonda, Catherine S.
Kahana-Kalman, Ronit.
Yoshikawa, Hirokazu.
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Journal Article
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This longitudinal study focused on fathers' involvement from the prenatal period through infants' first year in Dominican immigrants (n = 73), Mexican immigrants (n = 65) and African Americans (n = 66) residing in New York City. Fathers' prenatal involvement, the quality of the mother-father relationship, fathers' postnatal involvement with their 1- and 6 month olds and fathers' involvement with their 14 month-olds (i.e., time spent with infant; eating meals with infant; activities with infant) were examined. Father involvement was uniformly high and stable. Fathers' prenatal involvement predicted involvement at 14 months, and the quality of the mother-father relationship mediated these associations. Father ethnicity and residency moderated associations between the father-mother relationship, father postnatal involvement and father involvement with 14 month olds. (Author abstract)

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