Father-Inclusive Practice in a Family Center: An Australian Perspective (Special Issue: Supporting Fathers and Mothers as Coparents: The Next Frontier for Infant Mental Health).

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Zero to Three
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Fletcher, Richard.
StGeorge, Jennifer.
May, Chris.
Hartman, Deborah.
King, Andrew.
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Journal Article
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Because fathers are clearly important to family well-being, including fathers in services for families seems a straightforward idea. How hard can it be? Yet across health, education, and welfare services it is still mothers who attend and engage on behalf of their infants and children/ The Family Action Centre, located on the east coast of Australia, has been addressing the need for father-inclusive practice examples. The story of their progress over the last decade includes the national context of changing gender expectations in families, funding strategies for father-inclusive practice, and the strength of linking practice with education and research. (Author abstract)

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