Father Courage : What Happens When Men Put Family First.

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Levine, Suzanne Braun.
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A new group of today's fathers is aiming for the "triple crown"-- a mix of success at work, intimacy with family, and time for friends. They are learning-- as women have learned -- that you can't "have it all." Their efforts to find new ways to balance work and love are beginning to change both the family and the workplace. Other books have described the malaise, but until now, no one has described the dimensions of the revolution or pointed to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Journalist and feminist Suzanne Braun Levine, a founding editor of Ms. magazine interviewed scores of men and learned about the pitfalls and payoffs of twenty-first century fatherhood. Men don't tend to use each other as sounding boards the way women do, so Levine does it for them. She identifies some of the surprising factors that make it so hard for men to put family first. At home, the parenting learning curve is steep; and moms don't always want to give up the role of "the General." The workplace is much less family-friendly to fathers than to mothers, and the 24/7 life of corporate America is taking its toll.

Levine uncovers the reasons causing the stress felt by fathers and mothers, and she offers solutions that range from the commonsense to the revolutionary. This is a brilliant and bracing new look at what is right-- and wrong-- in American family life. (Author abstract)

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