Father-Child Relationships and Nonresident Fathers' Psychological Distress: What Helps and What Hurts?

Journal Name
Journal of Family Issues
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Vogt Yuan, Anastasia S.
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Journal Article
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Nonresident fathers have been shown to have much higher psychological distress than married parents with rates similar to or higher than those of single mothers. This study explores how aspects of the father–child relationship influence nonresident fathers’ psychological distress using the 1997 Child Development Supplement of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. Using a structural equation model, this study finds that, other than being married, only father–child relationship quality has a direct influence on nonresident fathers’ psychological distress. Conflict with the mother, talking to the child, and the salience of the fatherhood role all influence psychological distress indirectly through father–child relationship quality. (Author abstract)

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