Faces of Fatherhood : African American Young Adults View the Paternal Role.

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Families in society
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Peart, Norman A.
Pungello, Elizabeth P.
Campbell, Frances A.
Richey, Thomas G.
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Journal Article
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Narrative analysis of semistructured interviews with 64 young adults (98% African American) revealed their idealized views of biological fathers. Interviews contained descriptions of current father contacts as well. Data were informed by prospective quantitative information on father-child contact from infancy to age 15. Ideally, biological fathers give children personal presence, material support, counsel, and guidance. Each relationship was classified as either: deceased, unknown, known but not involved, or involved; analysis showed that the extent of early contact tended to predict these categories. These findings have implications for practitioners and service providers working with African American children, families, and communities. (Author abstract).

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