Extreme Grandparenting.

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Kimmel, Tim.
Kimmel, Darcy.
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This book discusses the differences between traditional grandparents and the new generation of grandparents and offers principles and recommendations for grandparenting in the 21st century. It begins by exploring the characteristics of current grandparents, the assets grandparents bring to their grandchildren, and the myth of the empty nest. Part 2 explores the roles of grandparents in family life, including giving a blessing, leaving a legacy, bearing a torch, and setting a standard. Opportunities for grandparents to help their families are reviewed in Part 3, with chapters on divorce, grandchildren who move in, stepgrandchildren and adopted grandchildren, positive spoiling, intervening verse interfering, babysitting, teenage grandchildren, and long-distance grandparenting. The final part discusses God's mission for grandparents. Each chapter closes with a list of suggestions, biblical references, and a prayer. 17 references.

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