Exposure to Maternal- and Paternal-Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence, Emotion Regulation, and Child Outcomes (Special issue: Addressing Children's Exposure to Violence in the Home: Linking Innovative Science and Practice).

Journal Name
Journal of Family Violence
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Harding, Hilary G.
Morelen, Diana.
Thomassin, Kristel.
Bradbury, Laura.
Shaffer, Anne.
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Journal Article
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The current study examined the relationship of maternal- and paternal-perpetrated intimate partner violence (IPV) to children's internalizing and externalizing symptomatology. Mother-child dyads (N = 53; child ages 8?11) reported maternal- and paternal-perpetrated IPV exposure and measures of child symptomatology. Results demonstrated that: (a) maternal- and paternal-perpetrated IPV have similar but not identical relations with child outcomes, (b) mothers' and children's reports of paternal-perpetrated IPV were positively related, (c) mother and child report of maternal- and paternal-perpetrated IPV related to child emotional and behavior problems, and (d) emotion dysregulation mediated the link between IPV exposure and child outcomes. Notably, findings differed by reporters. Results support emotion dysregulation as one mechanism through which IPV exposure may lead to child behavior problems, with implications for clinical intervention. (Author abstract)

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