Expectant Fathers’ Presence at Prenatal Ultrasounds: An Opportunity for Engagement.

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Social Work Research
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Tova B. Tolman
Richard M. Singh
Vijay. Davis
Matthew M. Davis
R. Neal.
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Journal Article
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There is substantial and growing evidence to demonstrate the importance of fathers to child development and the impact of fathers’ positive or negative involvement on the health and well-being of mothers and children (Feldman, Bamberger, & Kanat-Maymon, 2013; Lamb, 2010; Lamb & Lewis, 2013), yet fathers remain underserved in parenting programs and many other domains of social work practice (Panter-Brick et al., 2014; Stahlschmidt, Threlfall, Seay, Lewis, & Kohl, 2013). Despite widespread motivation and investment in parenting on the part of fathers, service providers often face difficulties when trying to engage fathers in parenting interventions (Bayley, Wallace, & Choudhry, 2009; Stahlschmidt et al., 2013). Little is known about how best to engage fathers, particularly low-income and nonresidential fathers who face barriers to maintaining involvement with their children. Innovative approaches are needed to engage. (Author abstract) 

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