Enhancing Safety for Women: Communities of Color, Domestic Violence, and Social Welfare Services for Low-income Men

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Groblewski, Jill
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Center for Family Policy & Practice
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Over the years, the Center for Family Policy and Practice has consistently reached out to and worked with domestic violence advocates and listened to low-income women of color who are victims and survivors. Their knowledge and experience have helped guide and inform our work since the agency was founded in 1995.

Our work focuses on low-income communities and individuals who experience poverty as a chronic condition in their lives. This paper addresses the complex needs that domestic violence victims who live in impoverished communities often face, not the economic deprivation that can result from leaving an abusive relationship. As the following pages explore, this can be an important distinction that holds significance for providing domestic violence services to low-income women of color.

Victims – particularly those who are African American women – have asked that service providers and the advocacy community figure out how to promote women’s safety while simultaneously providing holistic services that address the economic needs of both women and men in low-income communities. This paper adds to a growing body of work that is striving to answer that request.

This paper also responds to advocates who are seeking more information about: social welfare programs that currently serve very low-income men and fathers; the implications of these services with regard to women and violence; and how some services for men might address an unmet need for victims and survivors. (Author Abstract)

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