The Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration: Implementation and Early Impacts of the Next Generation of Subsidized Employment Programs.

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Redcross, Cindy.
Barden, Bret.
Bloom, Dan.
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This report presents interim impact and implementation findings of seven transitional jobs programs from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration. Two of the sites in that study — in Atlanta and San Francisco — are also a part of ACF’s Subsidized and Transitional Employment Demonstration. The two studies closely coordinated beyond the shared sites, including shared reports, common data collection instruments, and other ongoing collaboration.The report shares early results in the areas of implementation, employment outcomes, recidivism, and child support payment. Early results include: the Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration programs were relatively well implemented; all but one of the programs generated large increases in employment in the early months of follow-up - however, these increases were mostly or entirely the result of the transitional jobs and faded as participants left those jobs; two of the three programs targeting people recently released from prison appear to have reduced recidivism; and most programs increased payment of child support. (Author abstract)

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