Engaging Asian Men: Divesting from Gender Violence: Investing in Gender Equality.

Year Published
Author (Individual)
Dabby, Chic.
Author (Organization)
Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence.
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The Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence convened a roundtable of advocates and activists who addressed domestic and sexual violence, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and gender equality to examine this issue for men in general and Asian men in particular. This report captures some of the key points and complexities of engaging Asian men. It explores the root causes, explanations, and dynamics of domestic and sexual violence, why men use violence against women, same-sex violence, and cultural influences that sanction violence. The effects of intimate partner violence (IPV) on men and factors associated with men’s use of violence against intimate partners are discussed, as well as the following power dynamics in Asian families that perpetuate abuse against intimate partners: fear of loss of family connection, abuse first requires reparations within families, women act as enforcers of family silence to control victims, shame is regulated by family hierarchy in order to protect it, and family structure and family accountability act in place of weak state structures. The report concludes with 18 strategies for engaging Asian men and include: invest in changing patriarchal culture, invest in understanding what motivates men’s behavior change, divest from messages that conflict is resolved by violence, divest from and challenge notions of constricted Asian masculinities maintained by society and family, invest in helping men to put an immediate stop to violence, invest in messaging that it’s okay to get help, invest in promoting positive identities for young men, and invest in acknowledging the violence in boys and men’s lives. 15 references.

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