Effects of Parenting Education on First-Time Fathers' Skills in Interactions with Their Infants.

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Magill-Evans, Joyce.
Harrison, Margaret J.
Benzies, Karen.
Gierl, Mark.
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Journal Article
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Fathers are interested in helping their infants learn. Fathers also prefer parenting education programs with active participation. This randomized controlled study with first-time fathers evaluated the effects of video self-modeling with feedback delivered during two home visits. Fathers in the intervention group (n = 81) reviewed, with a home visitor, examples of parental sensitivity and responsiveness from videotapes of the father playing with his child at five and six months. The home visitor provided the father with positive feedback and a handout. The 81 fathers in the control group discussed age appropriate toys with the home visitor. Although first-time fathers in both intervention and control groups reported increased competence in parenting over time, fathers in the intervention group were significantly more skilled in fostering cognitive growth and maintained their sensitivity to infant cues when the baby was eight months old. (Author abstract).

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