Effective Workforce Development and Employment Strategies for High Need Fathers

Session Date and Time
Summit Session Moderator(s)
Damon Waters, Family Assistance Program Specialist, Office of Family Assistance, Washington, D.C.
Summit Session Presenter(s)
Sandino Thompson, Vice President, Public Strategies, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Azaliah Israel, Project Specialist, Public Strategies, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Sandino. Israel
Author (Organization)
Public Strategies.
Resource Type
Fatherhood Summit Session
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Addressing fathers’ employment needs is crucial in most fatherhood programs, but many dads face special challenges in finding work. This session began with a brief overview of how employment has been addressed in fatherhood programs through key demonstration projects such as Parents’ Fair Share. Next, the presenters described effective methods for providing employment services to a range of high-need fathers including noncustodial or nonresidential fathers, and fathers with criminal records, minimal education, or child support arrears. The presenters addressed common road blocks to engaging fathers in employment, and they will highlight a strategy to build effective partnerships between fatherhood programs and employers. Participants engaged in activities to help identify strengths and limitations in their current employment initiatives, and they will learn new approaches.

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