Early Head Start fathers and children.

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Parenting : science and practice.
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Journal Issue
2 & 3
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Author (Individual)
Boller, Kimberly.
Bradley, Robert.
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Journal Article
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This journal issue discusses the findings from the Early Head Start Father Studies, a series of studies that investigated activities that fathers engage in with their infants and toddlers, how fathers express responsibility for their children, and the types of social, human, and financial capital that fathers afford their children. In the studies, fathers were also asked questions on how men perceive the father role, their experiences with the own fathers, and the support they need to be a father. Specifically, articles in the issue discuss: the project's methods and research questions; low-income fathers' social constructions of their roles; fathering with infants between 8 and 16 months; the relationship between father connectedness and child outcomes; patterns of mother and father parenting and child cognitive outcomes at 24 and 36 months; father involvement in Early Head Start programs; exposure of low-income families and their children to neighborhood violence and paternal antisocial behavior; and lessons learned from Early Head Start for fatherhood research and program development. Numerous tables and references.

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