Desilencing Fatherhood: Making the Invisible Visible Within Substance Use Disorder Treatment.

Journal Name
Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery
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Author (Individual)
Williams, Izaak L.
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Journal Article
Too often, the unique needs of men that may jeopardize treatment and prevent full recovery are left unaddressed in the psychosocial space and cultural representational place of substance use disorder treatment. Helping men to address concerns related to fatherhood can strengthen their identities as fathers and aid in the recovery process. This article draws on symbolic interactionism, identity theory, structuration, and double consciousness to frame discourses on child support, visitation rights and custody, parenting, and masculinity/manhood. Clinical suggestions are offered within the scope of treatment for promoting fathering roles and engaging men in dialogues about issues that are integral to fatherhood in recovery. (Author abstract)

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