Deconstructing Domestic Violence.

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Lewis, Marjorie B.
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This article represents the unveiling of a series of articles addressing the issue of domestic violence. It is the beginning of this author's scripted actualization of the issue as informed by numerous professional individuals, entities, and victims of domestic violence. It is offered as a catalyst of transformation in our commitment to child wellness through healthy marriages and responsible parenting. The purpose of this article is to provide preliminary inroads into the exploration of issues of domestic violence for lay individuals committed to healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood. Such individuals will concur with the perspective of this author, that domestic violence is antithetical to the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative and/or Movement. As individuals who are proponents of child wellness through healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood, we recognize the importance of optimizing child welfare through our capacity as service providers in recognizing when our families may be suffering from this destructive predicament. We take hope in the experts' conclusions that domestic violence and/or abuse is a learned behavior, as we learn to identify into early detection for the purpose of early intervention as well as prevention.

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