Dads Tuning in to Kids: Piloting a New Parenting Program Targeting Fathers' Emotion Coaching Skills.

Journal Name
Journal of Community Psychology
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Author (Individual)
Wilson, Katherine R.
Havighurst, Sophie S.
Harley, Ann E.
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Journal Article
This pilot study reports the preliminary evaluation of an emotion socialization parenting program for fathers of preschool children. The program, Dads Tuning in to Kids (DadsTIK), is a specifically modified version of a universal evidence-based prevention program, Tuning in to Kids (Havighurst & Harley, 2007). DadsTIK teaches fathers emotion coaching parenting skills that have previously been linked to children's social-emotional competence and fewer behavior problems. The 7-session (14 hours total) group program was delivered to 43 fathers who completed pre- and post-program questionnaires assessing their parenting (emotional style, reactions to children's negative emotions, reactive/angry parenting, and parenting competence) and child outcomes (behavioral functioning). Program retention was excellent; and, post-program, fathers reported increased emotion coaching, decreased emotion dismissing, decreased angry reactivity and improved parenting efficacy and satisfaction. They also reported reductions in difficult child behaviors. These positive outcomes suggest DadsTIK warrants further investigation. (Author abstract)

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