Dads and Mental Health Matter!

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During this webinar we discussed the ways we can address the mental health challenges of dads. Researchers, practitioners, and fathers with lived experiences navigating mental health disorders shared strategies and resources for working with dads. Attendees learned:

  • The impact of paternal mental health on parenting, children, and relationships.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door to more discussion about the importance of mental health and treating mental health issues.
  • Barriers to treatment and ways to overcome them.
  • Where fathers can access work- and community-based mental health services. 


  • Richard Barr, Writer, Webinar Lead, ICF/NRFC
  • Armin Brott, Writer, Editor, Radio Host
  • Shari Doherty, Parent Help Program Director and Lead Trainer, Child Find of America, Inc.
  • Cori J. Williams, LICSW, Founder, Quintessential Wellness Solutions LLC


Richard Barr, Writer, Webinar Lead, ICF/NRFC

Chat Moderator

Jerome Williams, Conference Coordinator, ICF/NRFC  

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