Daddy @ Work: Loving Your Family, Loving Your Job ... Being Your Best in Both Worlds.

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Wolgemuth, Robert.
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You can be a good dad and a successful businessman by being the same person in both places. Daddy@Work shows you how openness and tenderness can work at the office and how your management and planning skills can work at home. As a young executive, Robert Wolgemuth discovered how work and home could become "graduate schools" for each other. This is the message of Daddy@Work: a successful man transfers skills in one sphere to the other, thereby improving them both.

Whether you're a white- or blue-collar worker, whether a CEO or an electrician, if the commute between home and business feels more like shuttling between two distant planets, this wise and practical book can help you realign the balance between the competition of the workplace and the nurturing of the family at home. With a little applied wisdom, you can enjoy the rewards of being a success as both a father and a businessman. This book will help you take these two lives of yours--work and home--and pull them together. Come along and join in this incredible adventure. (Author abstract)

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