Constructing Men as Fathers: A Content Analysis of Formulations of Fatherhood in Parenting Magazines.

Journal Name
Journal of Men's Studies
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Schmitz, Rachel M.
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Journal Article
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Contemporary ideologies of fatherhood reflect the importance of instrumental support of breadwinning men; however, there has been an increased emphasis on the expressive and nurturing aspects of fathers. This content analysis explores popular portrayals of fatherhood as conceptualized in articles (N = 50) from five American parenting magazines. Depictions of fathers fell into categories supportive of hegemonic masculinity that emphasized men’s breadwinning identities over their roles as parents. Men were often cast in ambiguous situations where they struggled to establish their parental legitimacy. Many articles revolved around men’s pathways to fatherhood. Fathers who internalize these portrayals of fatherhood from popular media may not view themselves as true parents if they do not see themselves positively represented in generalist parenting depictions. (Author abstract)

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