Conceptualizing Fatherhood: Maternal Perceptions of Responsible Fathering.

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Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research
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Coates, Erica Elizabeth.
Batsche, Catherine.
Lucio, Robert.
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Journal Article
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We investigated maternal perceptions of responsible fathering among pregnant and parenting teenage mothers by interviewing 10 adolescent mothers. Mothers responded to what being a responsible father means to them and described the degree of involvement by the father of their children. Five primary themes emerged as characteristics of responsible fathers: "being there" for the child, helping to take care of the child, loving and caring for the child, providing financial support, and playing with the child. Seven major themes developed in response to mothers' perceptions of their children's fathers' involvement: does not help take care of child, irregular or no contact, does not play with child, incarceration, financial support, left mother and child, and loves and cares for child. (Author abstract)

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