The Comparison and Interdependence of Maternal and Paternal Influences on Young Children's Behavior and Resilience.

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Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
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Malmberg, Lars-Erik.
Flouri, Eirini.
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Journal Article
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We investigated how mothers' and fathers' depressed mood and father-child and mother-child relationship predicted preschool children's problem behavior. The sample was 11,286 continuously intact, two-parent biological families of the United Kingdom's Millennium Cohort Study. We found that mother-child relationship and maternal depressed mood had larger effects on children's problem behavior than father-child relationship and paternal depressed mood. The effect of paternal depressed mood was completely mediated by quality of father-child relationship. There were significant moderator effects but only on internalizing problems. There was little evidence to suggest that, among children of this developmental stage, quality of father-child relationship buffers the effect of contextual risk (i.e., promotes resilience). Quality of mother-child relationship, in contrast, buffered the effect of socioeconomic disadvantage but only on emotional symptoms. (Author abstract)

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