A comparative review of state commissions, initiatives, and programs addressing fatherhood issues / National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families.

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National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families.
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A survey of the fifty States and the District of Columbia on fatherhood initiatives identified 31 commissions, initiatives, and programs, 3 of which were inactive. This report provides a State-by-State profile of the different initiatives. The profiles include information on the development of the program, the mission, duties and responsibilities, meetings and reporting requirements, agency contact, and activities to date. Findings from the survey indicate several States reported that administration and implementation of all, or at least part, of their fatherhood activities were contracted to non-governmental organizations or agencies. A few States did report on formally established programs and/or initiatives being administered in more than one State agency. The staffing and budgetary components of the various State efforts varied widely, as does the scope of program activity. State programs that support and/or provide the most comprehensive services include Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Georgia makes the largest financial investment in these efforts. The survey also found that many States continue to make meager investments in programs and services that promote responsible fatherhood efforts, and that a number of State agencies that have some fatherhood program activities underway were unaware of other agencies or departments in their State that are also engaged in developing or operating programs to address fatherhood issues. A chart is included in the report listing State contacts for fatherhood initiatives.

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