Community Integration Workbook.

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Fraley, Stephen.
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Community Integration Workbook speaks directly to those readers who are looking to change their lives for the better, and who find themselves in groups of likeminded souls, groups facilitated by professional or paraprofessional counselors. It is also an effective tool for guiding the individual counseling of similar clients.

The purpose of this book is to provide a counseling guide, emphasizing the transition from institutions like prison, jail, halfway houses, homeless shelters, inpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment facilities, mental hospitals, and various therapeutic communities. It will also be helpful to those transitioning from welfare dependence into the mainstream of society. Focusing on another critical need in today's world, Community Integration Workbook is an excellent resource to facilitate the community integration of soldiers returning from tours of duty in foreign wars. Some of them gravitate to the other institutions mentioned above due to their feelings of alienation and depression.

Although the author wrote this book with group counseling in mind, the material and suggestions herein are equally effective in individual counseling of those clients. Community Integration Workbook was designed to provide guidance to those who find themselves caught up in the vicious and painful cycles of unemployment, homelessness, chronic welfare, drug addiction, crime, and mental health challenges. There are no magic bullets within the pages of this book, but you will find some easy-to-use common sense tools for those wanting to change and for those tireless people who have dedicated their lives to helping them change. (Author abstract)

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