Collaborating with Community-Based Organizations Through Consultation and Technical Assistance.

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Motes, Patricia Stone.
Hess, Peg McCartt.
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This book presents a framework for organizational and community capacity building, and methods and strategies for assisting and collaborating with groups and agencies serving families. The book begins with a discussion on the importance of strong communities in the promotion of strong and healthy families, and the needs of organizations and communities for capacity building to support families in their development and adaptation. The role of the coach or capacity-building consultant in facilitating the work of family-serving organizations and community groups is explored. Chapter 2 examines the related but different activities of consultation, technical assistance, and service. A conceptual framework for providing technical assistance is presented, and principles and methods for providing technical assistance are offered. Culturally competent services are emphasized in Chapter 3 as an essential component of the practice of consultation and technical assistance. Critical attitudes and actions that facilitate the development of cultural competence for professionals, organizations, and communities are discussed. The following chapter reviews models for understanding and evaluating collaboratives, identifies dimensions of consultation and technical assistance to collaboratives, and describes both the capacity requirements for collaboration and the capacity-building benefits of collaboration. An overview of the strategic planning process is provided in Chapter 5, with an emphasis on how to use this process to benefit community programs. Chapter 6 presents an approach to increase capacity for program self-evaluation for practitioners working with community-based agencies and organizations. The chapter describes the theoretical framework for this model of technical assistance, and presents step-by-step details for accomplishing this task. The final chapter highlights key themes that are present in successful capacity-building efforts. 5 figures, 3 tables, and numerous references.

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