Child Abuse: Is There a Connection Between Teenage Parenting and Child Maltreatment?

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Prosser, W. R.
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Unpublished Paper
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This report summarizes data from the Highlights of Official Child Neglect and Abuse Reporting 1983 study and the March 1984 Current Population Survey to examine the incidence of child maltreatment among adolescent parents in comparison to their proportion in the general population. The analysis revealed that adolescent parents aged 15-19 had an incidence rate of 76 per 1,000, which was the highest rate of all age groups. Overall, approximately eight percent of all child abuse reports involved an adolescent parent. The authors suggest that factors such as low income, low educational attainment, low labor force participation, and high fertility place adolescent parents at high risk for abuse. 4 references, 3 figures.

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