Changing Fatherhood: An Exploratory Qualitative Study with African and African Caribbean Men in England.

Journal Name
Children & Society
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Williams, Robert.
Hewison, Alistair.
Wildman, Stuart.
Roskell, Carolyn.
Resource Type
Journal Article
This paper presents findings from a qualitative study undertaken with 46 African and African Caribbean men exploring their experiences of fatherhood. Data analysis was informed by Connell's theoretical work on changing gender relations. Findings indicate that fathers' lives were mediated by masculinities, racism, gender, migration and generational changes in parenting. Fathers advocated a style of parenting centred on good communication with children. The implications of findings for theory, future research and health and social care policy regarding both children's well-being and the inclusion of fathers by health and social care practitioners are discussed. (Author abstract)

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