Building Your Child's Self-Esteem.

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According to a wide body of research, children with a high sense of self are more able to see themselves as they really are, and they make good decisions and cope positively with the frustrations and challenges of life. They are much less likely to become involved with drugs and alcohol, become sexually active, and do poorly in school. Here are some National Center for Fathering strategies to help fathers build their children's self-esteem: Give your child unconditional love based on who she is, not what she does. Express love over and over and over. Respect your child. Treat her feelings with the respect that you would want to receive. Praise your child for accomplishments and good behavior, and be less quick and harsh about pointing out inappropriate behavior. Communicate with your child. Be an accessible father. Allow your child to express ideas, feelings, and zany fairy tales. Listen and let your child know that she's important to you. Encourage your child to develop talents and build confidence. Be consistent in establishing and enforcing limits. Appropriately hold, touch, and caress your child, and don't stop when she starts to physically develop into a woman.

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