Building Services to Help Fathers: What Policymakers Need to Know and What They Can Do.

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National Conference of State Legislatures.
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Fact Sheet
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Low-income fathers share many of the same characteristics as women on welfare--low literacy, poor employment history and low-wage employment. This fact sheet proposes ways in which policymakers can build services to help fathers. Suggestions include (but are not limited to): Develop networks of local providers to provide men with employment assistance; use state institutions to refer low-income fathers to local service providers; identify "nontraditional partners" like voluntarypaternity establishment programs, HealthyStart and Head Start--to connect fathers withneeded services; connect with fathers through women who are participating in welfare programs. Give judges the option of referring fathers to servicesinstead of jail if they are behind in child support due to unemployment. Direct agencies to use TANF funds to assist fathers. (Author abstract, modified).

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