Broke but not deadbeat : reconnecting low-income fathers and children.

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Reichert, Dana.
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Most low-income dads are connected with their children at birth. Contrary to what some may believe, they do want to provide support for their children, although they do not know how to step into the role of financial and emotional provider. Often, these fathers share many of the same characteristics as welfare recipients--poor work history, low levels of literacy, sporadic employment or unemployment. Additionally, many low-income dads have grown up without their own fathers, so they lack true examples of what it means to be a father. There is growing recognition that low-income fathers are in need of the same kinds of employment and family support services that typically are made available to mothers who are making there transition from welfare to employment. This recognition is founded on the reality that income from both mothers and fathers can help prevent children from living in poverty. (Author abstract, modified).

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