Bringing Dads to the Table: Comparing Mother and Father Reports of Child Behavior and Parenting at Mealtimes

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Journal of Family Studies
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Adamson, M. & Blight, E.
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Journal Article
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Problem eating is common during childhood, though much of what is known is based on maternal reports. The current study aimed to compare mother and father reports of child mealtime difficulties and associated parenting, by surveying parents of normally developing 1.5–6-year olds. Two samples were procured: The first, 110 mothers and 109 fathers of children with or without problem eating; the second, 44 mother/father pairs that each reported on the same child. Mothers and fathers of problem eaters, and those of non-problem eaters, did not differ significantly on reports of child behavior, parenting strategies and cognitions at mealtimes in sample 1. These were parents of different children, though similarity between parents was also found in the reports of parents of the same children in sample 2. This similarity supports the role of both parents in assessing and treating problem eating, though additional studies with larger and more diverse samples are needed.

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