Bringing Back the Dads: Engaging Non-Resident Fathers in the Child Welfare System.

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Protecting Children
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The first of two publications dedicated to the engagement of non-resident fathers, this issue presents information on fathers' relationships with their children and the system's responsibility to encourage and support those relationships. The first article describes the Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (QIC-NRF), a project that includes a comprehensive needs assessment and literature review and the development of a model program intervention. Qualitative and quantitative data is presented to illustrate barriers to non-resident fathers' interactions with the child welfare system and promising approaches. Following articles examine: the reasons behind fathers' lack of involvement in their children's lives, especially children involved in the child welfare system; the relevance of father involvement and brain development research to child welfare; Black fathers' attitudes and behaviors toward their children and recommendations for child welfare workers; the effectiveness of two interventions for supporting father involvement for families involved with the child welfare system; and findings from in-depth interviews with 24 non-resident fathers. Numerous references.

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