Boundaries with Kids Participant's Guide.

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Cloud, Henry.
Townsend, John.
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Want to Paint a Happy Future for Your Children? Start Drawing the Line Today.

Boundaries with Kids will help you: Recognize the boundary issues underlying child behavior problems, Set boundaries and establish consequences with your kids, Get out of the "nagging" trap, Stop controlling your kids--and instead help them develop self-control, Apply the ten laws of boundaries to parenting, and Take six practical steps for implementing boundaries with your kids.

One of the most loving things you can do for your children is set firm boundaries with them. Boundaries with Kids will help you raise your kids to take responsibility for their own actions, attitudes, and emotions. In eight sessions, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend help you bring order to problematic circumstances and cultivate healthier ways of relating with your kids.

This participant's guide will help you gain maximum benefits from the interactive format of Boundaries with Kids Zondervan Groupware. It's filled with pointed assessments, insights, questions for thought and discussion, and exercises and activities to help you connect principles with family-strengthening applications. As you set and maintain wise boundaries with your children, you'll instill character in them that will help them lead balanced, productive, and fulfilling adult lives. (Author abstract)

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